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Speaking Science

The Speaking Science project is a compilation of portuguese educational videos, news, interviews, podcasts, testimonies and entertainment content from Lusófona University's ‘Conversations about...’ programme.

Project VD Crime

Research discusses multidisciplinary approaches to combating domestic violence.

Digital Influencers Project

Project analyzes advertising practices and points out flaws in the commercial transparency of influencers.

EWALD Project

Lusófona University coordinates EWALD project kick-off meeting in Lisbon.

AQUA Project

What are the potential positive health effects of water low in deuterium?

HEI-Lab | The Empathic Heart" Project

The HEI-Lab research unit's project aims to ‘study the processes underlying empathy in human beings’.

Renewable Energy Research with Andriy Lyubchyk

Explore atmospheric humidity and convert it directly into electricity.

Film and Television Directing and Production w/ Bernardo Lopes

His experience, his academic career, the tools he has acquired, the projects he has been involved in and his plans for the future.

Portugal and the International Student Assessment Programme

 Project explores implications and strategies in an era of global transformation of education.

Master's Thesis on Sexual Harassment of University Students

Lusófona University Student's Research Gets Media Spotlight.