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FAZER+ is a Science and Innovation Support Program that aims to support and reward activities and projects that strengthen the research and innovation capacity of Lusófona educational establishments.

FAZER+ starts on April 1st and all applications must be submitted by May 31st of the current year.

The program consists of 1 contest and 3 awards:

  • Excellence in Research Contest;
  • Award for the Best Innovative Pedagogical Practice;
  • Award for Best Research Practices in Education;
  • Lusófona University Scientific Publications Award.

Regulation FAZER+ Program 5th Edition (PT)

   Excellence in Research Contest

Available budget: 75.000

Maximum amount of funding per project: 40.000

The contest is an incentive to excellence in research and aims to stimulate the development of research activities.

Declaration of Commitment (PT)

Form (PT)

Roadmap (PT)  

  Award for the Best Innovative Pedagogical Practice

Award amount per project: 5.000 for individual applications, 8.000 for group applications

This award aims to encourage the development of pedagogical innovation activities that stimulate active learning and inclusive education.

Declaration of Application (PT)

Process Description Document (PT)

Roadmap (PT)

  Award for Best Research Practices in Education

Award amount: 5.000€

The Good Practices Award aims to encourage the integration of Research and Development activities into curricular units in any area and at any level of training.

Declaration of Application (PT)

Process Description Document (PT)

Roadmap (PT)

  Lusófona University Scientific Publications Award

Award amount: 250€

This award is intended to reward the researcher with the most original publications in magazines indexed in SCOPUS, Q1, in 2023.

Declaration of Application (PT)

List of Eligible Publications (PT)

Roadmap (PT)

  Aditional Information

This regulation is governed in conjunction with the following regulations:

  1. Service Order no. 117/2018 - Internal Institutional Procedures for Submitting Applications for Funding;
  2. FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia)'s Research Scholarship Regulations, for contractualization within the scope of the Excellence in Research Contest.

Service Order no. 117/2018 (PT)

FCT's Research Scholarship Regulations (PT)