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ULusófona Research in the International Spotlight

Universidade Lusófona was internationally recognized for its innovative research into food safety in ready-to-eat (RTE) products, with a focus on the practical application of the results obtained.

Recent work carried out by the institution's veterinary and agronomic researchers presents a new perspective on food safety in RTE products, highlighting the challenges of microbiological contamination, leading to the proposal of potential solutions to promote safer and healthier production.

The research was cited in international scientific journals on Agro-Veterinary Science and Techniques, reinforcing the importance of a holistic vision for the prevention and control of food throughout the production chain, from agriculture to final consumption.

Microbiological contamination of products can occur at several stages, from pre-planting to the post-harvest phase, including transport, processing and packaging. Traditional chlorine-based disinfection methods are questioned due to the risks to human health and their limited effectiveness.

For the future, solutions such as natural disinfectants and intelligent packaging are being explored to ensure food safety and extend the shelf life of minimally processed products. The One Health approach, which highlights the interdependence between animal, environmental and human health systems in food production, is fundamental to this research.

Universidade Lusófona reinforces its commitment to contributing to innovation and scientific excellence in various areas on the part of the academic community. Research on food safety in RTE products is an example of the institution's dedication to addressing issues relevant to society and promoting public health.