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Lusófona University continues to strengthen its I&D agenda

Lusófona University is continuing to strengthen its R&D agenda by submitting applications to FCT-Tenure, to Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme, to projects in all scientific fields and to the 2023/2024 multiannual funding programme for I&D units.

FCT-Tenure is the new FCT funding instrument designed to promote the hiring of PhDs exclusively for permanent positions. With the aim of professionally stabilising researchers and their lines of research, as well as creating a more attractive and sustainable career horizon for researchers in the early stages of their careers, Lusófona University

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2, dedicated to cooperation partnerships, allows participating organisations to gain experience of international cooperation and strengthen their capacities, but also to produce innovative, high-quality tangible results.

Its main objective is to enable organisations to increase the quality and relevance of their activities, develop and strengthen their networks of partners, increase their capacity to operate together at a transnational level, foster the internationalisation of their activities and exchange or develop new practices and methods, as well as share and compare ideas. In the first round of 2024, Lusófona University submitted 31 applications.

FCT's annual calls for R&D Projects in All Scientific Fields aim to increase the national and international competitiveness of science and technology, as well as contributing to innovation and knowledge transfer, and to the realisation of the global aspirations defined in the 2030 Agenda: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For the Exploratory Project Competition in All Scientific Domains 2023 (PEX),  Lusófona University submitted 37 projects from 10 UI&Ds. For the IC&DT Projects in All Scientific Domains 2023 call, Lusófona University submitted 43 applications, 27 as coordinators and 16 as partners. These applications came from 10 UI&Ds, 1 Organisational Unit and 1 HEI Ensino Lusófona.

The Multiannual Programme for Funding R&D Units 2023/2024 aims to develop and enhance the National Science and Technology System (SNCT) in all areas of knowledge and to strengthen and densify it in the region. Lusófona University was formally involved in 23 applications, 6 as the main management entity, 4 as another management entity and 13 as a participating institution.