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Funding Entities

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

The Foundation undertakes a vast activity in Portugal and abroad, within the framework of its statutory purposes, through direct initiatives, subsidies and scholarships. It has an Orchestra and a Choir, which perform throughout the year within the scope of a regular season; it hosts solo and collective exhibitions of Portuguese and foreign artists; it organizes international conferences, symposiums, courses; it awards subsidies and scholarships for specialist studies and doctorates in Portugal and abroad; it supports programmes and projects of a scientific, educational and artistic nature; it carries out an intense publishing activity, especially through the publishing of university textbooks; it promotes and stimulates projects to aid development in Portuguese-speaking African countries and East Timor; it fosters the Portuguese culture abroad; it carries out a programme to preserve evidence of the Portuguese presence in the world.

In parallel to its activities in Portugal and abroad to promote the Portuguese culture, the Foundation undertakes a programme of activities on behalf of the Armenian Diaspora to disseminate its language and culture. Internationally, the Foundation belongs to the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and is present in a number of forums in the fields of art, development, science and education.