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Lusófona Centre on Global Challenges

LusoGlobe works under the institutional guidance of Lusófona University, which aims to ensure the scientific, cultural, economic, and social development of Portugal and all countries where Portuguese is spoken.

The Lusófona Group integrates several other universities and colleges not only in Portugal, but also in Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Mozambique, with a high percentage of international students, especially from these regions.

Against this backdrop, LusoGlobe is designed to promote scientific learning through advanced research and graduate training to better understand the impact of global challenges in our societies, states, and the international community. Considering the critical mass of the University, scholars, and students involved in LusoGlobe, we will focus our research efforts on the following areas:

  • Globalization, Deglobalisation and the International Order
  • Religion & Identities
  • European Union
  • Political and Social Institutions
  • Security and Defence
  • GIRI-hub (youth scientific initiation)